Folder Password Lock Pro 11.4.0 Crack + Registration Key 2023

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Folder Password Lock Pro 11.4.0 Crack + Registration Key

Folder Password Lock Pro 11.4.0 Crack + Registration Key 2023

Folder Password Lock Pro 11.4.0 Crack is a professional security tool that allows Windows users to lock, hide and protect folders with additional privacy features. Built from the ground up to give users of all skill levels access to the best security features. The main function of this light and fast application is to set password protection for files, folders, or entire partitions of the selected hard drive. This application is tailor-made for users who share their computers with family members, roommates, school friends, or colleagues. 

Instead of hiding your files behind a completely locked Windows user profile, this app can help you lock down only the parts of local storage that you care about enough.

Folder Password Lock Pro Crack + Keygen

After the tool is installed, you will be asked to enter and confirm a master password that must be remembered, otherwise, you will not be able to access the hidden items. The main application window has a nicely structured layout where the buttons speak for themselves. You can hide entire files, folders, or partitions by simply showing them, or keep them visible and locking them to prevent other users from accessing them

Aside from providing basic password protection, there are other features worth mentioning in terms of functionality. It’s just as easy to protect files on an external hard drive. 

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Folder Password Lock Pro Crack + License Key

One password can be used for all locations and there is a handy extension that allows you to track the activity in a specific folder. An automatic alert lets you know if data has been changed, moved, or deleted. The download is only 6.15 megabytes in size, so it normally won’t cause any memory issues on an operating system. The installation takes a few minutes and when it’s done Folder Password Lock Pro latest version can be activated immediately.

Besides being a professional security tool to lock your files and folders, it has other features and functions worth mentioning. For example, users can easily protect files and documents on an external hard drive. This means that people cannot access your files even by connecting the hard drive to another computer.

Folder Password Lock Pro Crack + Serial Key

Since only one password is used for all locations and folders, there is a handy extension that allows you to track the deletions, creations, and changes of files in a specific folder if you share your password with someone else. The password protection uninstall feature ensures that no one can remove the software from your computer without your permission. Folder Password Lock Pro registration code is a professional security tool to lock, hide and protect your folders and files. With a very easy-to-use interface, with just a few clicks you can lock your folder and keep it safe, no one can open it without a password. 

This Folder Password Lock Pro free download 2023 also provides protection for your folder and files to prevent accidental deletion or modification. You can also check a specific folder, every file created, modified, and deleted will be included.

Folder Password Lock Pro Crack +  Activation Key

File security is more of a necessity than a luxury these days. Data theft, both local and remote, is, unfortunately, becoming commonplace. Folder Password Lock Pro apk software for MAC provides you with an easy-to-set-up and use solution that can hide and protect files, folders, drives, and drives both on local and remote drives with a unique high-security password.

All you have to think about is a password. And only once, because you can use the same password for all security, hide and lock operations. The Folder Password Lock Pro crack latest version download program provides separate routines for local and external drives, and this is the only precaution you should take when selecting items to protect. Unlocking your locked items is just as easy – just enter your unique password and the file, folder or drive is usable again.


  • Allow locking folders and files with a password.
  • Allows hiding folders and files.
  • Allow protected folders and files to prevent modification, deletion, and renaming.
  • One password for all folder locks.
  • Backup email password, don’t worry about forgetting your password.
  • Give the folder monitor, and record all operations in it.
  • Supports locking and hiding functions on USB-connected external drives.
  • Supports password-protected shared folder on LAN.
  • Remove password protection.
  • Preservation of confidential information.
  • It works in automatic mode.
  • Password protection for multiple files.
  • Data encryption on mobile devices.
  • Block access to credit cards.
  • Protect your email from prying eyes.

Folder Password Lock Pro 11.4.0 Crack + Registration Key 2023

Folder Password Lock Pro Activation Key





Folder Password Lock Pro Serial Key





Folder Password Lock Pro License Key





Folder Password Lock Pro Registration Key





System Requirements:

  • Available on: PC, Mobile
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7,
  • Architecture: X86 X64.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Memory: 256GB.

What’s New:

  • Improve tag support and add saved searches.
  • Major improvements to the login preview panel.
  • Add a password strength indicator to all password fields.
  • Limit the length of the zxcvbn entropy estimate to 128 characters.
  • Try the full URL path when downloading the favicon.
  • Hide usernames in the preview pane when hidden in the login view.
  • Enable the title bar of the dark window if the accent color is not used.
  • Add the option to display passwords in color in the preview panel.


  • Quick and simple setup.
  • Active folder monitoring and alerts.
  • Compatibility with external hard drives.


  • One password for all folders could potentially present a security risk.
  • A price of (approximately) 32 pounds is a bit high when compared to similar folder protection software packages.

How to Install Folder Password Lock Pro Crack:

  • Run the utility on your computer.
  • In the main window, you will find examples of the use of keywords and different types of searches.
  • Clicking on one of these will search for addresses that match the address.
  • Here is an example of how the program works.
  • Control how you search for communications via keywords or web pages.
  • Type the desired word or keywords in the search bar and run the extractor.
  • All done.

Folder Password Lock Pro 11.4.0 Crack + Registration Key 2023

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